Werewolves Versus: Romance

November 10th, 2015

While I haven’t exactly been keeping it secret, it’s finally 100% official: my friend Dieselhands (of RWBYQuest and Streetcrows fame) and I are collaborating on a comic entry for the second Werewolves Versus zine, with the theme Romance! I can’t give tons of details (it’s a secret!) but I can give you these details:

  • I’m writing the comic, while Dieselhands is illustrating
  • The title of the piece is “Faoladh,” as in the Irish werewolf legend
  • It’s starring a pair of queer girls

I’m very excited about this zine and can’t wait for you guys to see the comic we’re collaborating on, as well as all the other exciting entries from some other friends of mine!

(P.S., if you really want a sneak peek, there might be something you can do to find one…)